Diversified Consulting focuses on a variety of business optimization techniques to reduce business expenses and maximize your profits.


Located near Charlotte, NC, our experienced team at Diversified Consulting can work with you to strategize with your staff, vendors, and utilities. Our consulting services can optimize your production processes and procedures, reduce your overall expenses, improve services provided by contracted vendors and ultimately maximize your profits.

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Production Consulting

Our production consultants can perform work based on an hourly rate or on a total project analysis basis. We try to be as flexible as possible to meet our customer’s specific needs.

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Our processes focus on the following techniques:

  • Diagnosis of Waste
  • Process Flow and Restructuring
  • JIT – Just In Time Strategies
  • System Integrations
  • Alignment to Industry Norms – ISO & TQM
  • Production Standards
  • Six Sigma Analyses
  • OSHA Safety Analysis
  • HACCP Analysis
  • Lean Thinking – Elimination of Non Value Added Activities
  • Culture Shifts
  • Automation Alternatives and Support

In an era of rising minimum wages, soaring healthcare costs and ever expanding benefit packages controlling labor headcount is extremely critical. Typically labor costs are a business’ number one expense, and often production labor makes up a majority of the overall labor expenses.

Our production management professionals are masters of production work flow and process optimization. Our team will evaluate your current processes, procedures, and workflow to provide a detailed analysis with recommendations for improvement. If needed, we can also work with your team to help implement and maintain the recommended changes.

Vendor Auditing

Our key-vendor auditing team will work with your key contracted vendor agreements and current invoicing to ensure that the suppliers are living up to the terms and pricing set forth in the agreements.

Many times our business to business vendors are like trusted friends and business partners; however some vendors are notorious for charging for products and services that were not provided or are not needed. Sometimes these are simple mistakes, and sometimes it is intentional. In either instance, we identify these issues, obtain credits for past service and fix the problems going forward. The result is lower expenses and increased bottom line revenue.

Many times our customers are simply “too close” to the vendors, products, and every day services to see that huge savings opportunities exist. This is why a fresh set of eyes from an outside consultant may be just what your business needs to refresh and reset your 
vendor expectations.

*The best part about our vendor auditing services is that they have ZERO upfront costs. In fact, our fees come from the savings we find, so our fees have a zero net impact on your bottom line.

Some of the key items that we address are:

  • Products Invoiced & Not Delivered
  • Services Invoiced & Not Provided
  • Price Variances
  • Price Increases Outside of Agreement Parameters
  • Incorrect Products
  • Inferior Products
  • Case Quantity Differences
  • Frequency of Delivery Variation
  • Inventory Control and Overstock

Energy Consulting

Our energy consulting services work with your energy suppliers on a number of fronts to ensure that you obtain the best possible pricing on all your energy needs. Energy suppliers are notoriously difficult to work with and require time and continuous dedicated efforts to produce results. We are experts at working with energy suppliers to obtain huge savings for all types of business large and small.

We focus on the following strategies to reduce energy costs:

  • Rate Plans
  • Rate Formulas
  • Rate Comparisons
  • Usage Profiles
  • Line Item Details
  • Meter Factors
  • Taxes
  • Demand Response
  • Telemetry
  • Commodity Pricing
  • Lighting
  • Peak Demand

Diversified Consulting uses a proven three phase approach to Energy Consulting that gets results for our customers every time.

Phase I – Diversified performs a NO COST analysis to get an overview of facility operations. We determine any errors that would result in a refund as well as alternatives for future savings. There is no obligation to implement our recommendations.

Phase II – Diversified will coordinate the implementation of any approved recommendations and work with the utility to calculate monthly savings.

Phase III – Diversified works with the utility to prepare monthly statements showing the actual savings. Diversified only shares in the refunds and the future savings for 36 months following the analysis. After that you retain 100% of the ongoing savings! If no savings are found, there is no fee, but this is very rarely the case.

*The best part about our energy consulting services is that they have ZERO upfront costs. In fact, our fees come from the savings we find, so our fees have a zero net impact on your bottom line.

Employment Transitions

Our production improvement consultations improve production processes and procedures, eliminate double handling, streamline product flows, standardize procedures, and eliminate waste. Inevitably this level of improvement leads to reductions in the work force. These staff reductions can often be difficult for long term employees that have been out of the job market for years.

Diversified Consulting will work with your reduced staff as a group or one-on-one to get them ready to reenter the job market. Some of the services that we include are as follows:

  • Personalized Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • Strong Interest Inventory Analysis
  • Resume and Introductory Letter Writing Services
  • Interview Coaching
  • Career Counseling
  • Labor Market Trends and Analysis

Leading our Employment Transition team is Beth Smedley.

“I have a passion for working with individuals to help them discover career options that are a good fit for them. More than just finding a job, I want to help others find purpose in the workplace. Most individuals spend a good portion of their week in the workplace, why not enjoy that time? I look forward to working together to map out strategies and possibilities for displaced workers.”

Beth Smedley served as the Charlotte area’s community career counselor for the Career Transitions program at Central Piedmont Community College, in Charlotte, NC for over five years before beginning private practice in January 2012. Beth utilizes her 20+ years of experience in career counseling to reach a wider audience.

Specifically working with individuals making career transitions for over 13 of those years, she has a drive to help others fulfill their career goals. Beth holds a Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling from Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri and a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL. She has a knack for helping others showcase their talents to prospective employers, narrow down career fields and research the labor market to make smart career choices.

Beth has extensive abilities working with mid-life career changers that occur as the result of downsizing, right-sizing, layoffs, and business closures. During her time with the Department of Labor, she was part of an innovative program to provide extensive employability skills training and re-entry advising to dislocated workers in a variety of industries.